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Risk ManagedProcurement

Helping you take control and manage the minefield of purchasing business energy.

"Transparent risk management that generates value while minimizing risks"

We can find the best strategy for your individual needs, whether it’s a fixed price approach, price optimisation through flexible purchasing, or a blended approach through our unique Utility portfolio. Working with you, our team will build a complete understanding of your key business energy objectives and risk appetite, so that we can recommend the best purchasing strategy to meet your requirements.

Why Utility Alliance- add a professional edge with our expertise

Expert procurement specialists - navigate volatile markets and negotiate contract terms to provide your business with the best possible deal and value creation.

Value & innovation - drive our principles and everything we do to help control your total energy costs.

Impartial supplier relationships - allow Utility Alliance to negotiate better terms on your behalf and provide an unbiased recommendation.

Critical analysis - of complex supplier offers through our internal systems provide a balanced view of commodity and non-commodity costs, ensuring the offers you receive are transparent and accurately costed.

Stress free - once we have your agreement to proceed and your strategy is in place, we manage the rest, updating you along the way with the information you need to make key decisions at each stage.

No nasty surprises down the line - frequent price position reports provide total assurance around the performance of your strategy.

Our Approach – decoding the markets for our clients

1. Understanding your requirements & objectives

Our experts work with you to understand the key objectives driving your energy strategy. We take an holistic approach to energy procurement, taking into account your entire portfolio to get you the best deal available in the market.

2. Data Handling

We handle all the complex data requirements and present our findings to you in a simple, easy to understand way.

3. Your Strategy & Timescales

We build your strategy with you from the ground up and place your contracts within timescales to suit your requirements and agreed approach.

4. Execution

Our trading team stay on top of the volatile energy markets for you, effectively managing risk, to ensure you reap the benefits.

5. Reporting Results

Our client services team will keep you updated at every stage of the process, providing you with the confidence that your budget is under control and that we are generating cost savings.

"Strategies to suit all market conditions and risk appetites"

Fixed Purchasing

Fixed price contracts are the most straightforward approach to the wholesale gas and electricity markets. Under a fixed contract you make a single transaction at the prevailing commodity price and this is the price you pay for the full contract duration.

There are many reasons why fixed price procurement can be the best fit for your business, including complete budget certainty, and UA have the expertise to help you get the most from your fixed price contracts.

However, for those who qualify for a flexible product, such as a portfolio or flexible energy supply contract, such an option is likely to provide you with better value in the long run.

Collective Purchasing - The Utility Portfolio

UA’s portfolio offers a unique wholesale energy markets approach, with a blended risk management strategy under an aggregated portfolio methodology. Additional benefits include improved terms and conditions, access to 100% cost neutral green energy and non-commodity cost options.

The Utility portfolio gives you control over the level of risk that’s appropriate for your business by allowing you to apportion your volume across multiple strategies with different risk levels, all with pre-agreed parameters and managed by our experienced trading team.

Flexible Purchasing

Bespoke flexible energy supply contracts are ideal for medium and large energy users wanting to take advantage of the full flexibility of the wholesale gas and electricity markets. Flexible contracts enable you to make multiple buying decisions for the entire contract based on the market, allowing you to both defend against rising prices and to benefit from a downward trending market.

You will receive the benefit of strategic risk management to take advantage of market conditions. Our trading team will guide you through the tendering process in a fully transparent way, creating your energy risk strategy and ensuring you get the right supply contract. We then carefully monitor and analyse the market for you, re-align your strategy accordingly, and ensure that your energy costs are fully controlled and minimised.