Reduce Energy Costs

Alliance Energy provides a holistic approach to saving energy and costs throughout your organization

We know how important it is for you to keep your energy costs low. That’s why we always plan on reducing both the cost and number of kWhs used, by addressing three key contributors:
Our proposition addresses these issues with a variety sf solutions designed specifically for commercial customers.

Supply – the price you pay for each unit of energy your buildings consume.

Efficiency – the more efficient your buildings and systems are, the less energy they use.

Management – you can be sure that when it comes to power, you’ll get what’s best for your business. We make sure the quality of service is always the best and at the lowest price possible price with any plan – whether one year or five!

Why do our Energy Services make sense? Because we take into account the cost of your electricity and compare it with what you’ll get in return. If a project can pay for itself within an acceptable ROI period, then that’s sustainable!
We believe all projects should be profitable so they’ll never fall short on supplies or risk becoming non-viable due to lack of funding—especially if there are other sources available such as government grants which help cover some expenses while still providing funds toward sustainability goals.”


We offer a range of energy-saving services to help you reduce your electricity bills. From identifying where the business is wasting power, to reducing times on lights or appliances that are left turned off too long – we have it covered!

• Plan for overall or project energy reduction
• Implement & deliver efficiency projects with performance guarantees
• Verify the return on energy efficiency investments made