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How to unlock savings for your business using Site Power Management

1 June, 2018

SITE Power Management aims to cut your bills, capacity and excess charges in 2 interlinked ways, Demand Management and On-site Power Generation and Storage.

As part of the Energy Services from Utility Alliance, Demand Management utilises monitoring software which uses your historical data to identify savings opportunities at your sites just by reducing peaks in your energy demand, or briefly shifting operating activities.

Alerting features show you when demand reduction opportunities arise, and exactly what to do, with enough time to act. This allows you to take control of expensive, unnecessary peak demand charges by better managing when you use energy.

For most businesses being able to buy energy during the cheapest times, storing it and then releasing it during peak tariff hours would significantly reduce energy costs. Utility Alliance’s energy storage solutions have now made this possible with On-site Power Generation and Storage.

It starts with implementing analytics and energy management software, which learns and adapts to your facility’s energy usage and shows you how much your saving.

Utility Alliance partner with leaders in lithium-ion battery technology who have produced an all-weather battery storage solution. Power experts will design, install, and deliver a turnkey solution customised for your organization’s needs. As well as performing all necessary maintenance as well as 24/7 remote monitoring to keep things running smoothly.

How is it On-Site Power funded?

Utility Alliance provides 2 models that can be used to reduce your energy costs, Shared Savings and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s).

With a Shared Savings contact The Energy Services Company (ESC) designs, finances and implements the project; verifies the savings over a fixed period with the customer. The ESC may receive financing directly from a 3rd party.

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an innovative way for businesses, councils and other organisations to secure an energy supply at a reduced cost. It is essentially a financial agreement made between an on-site energy developer, such as Utility Alliance, and a customer.

For PPAs our specialist team will design, finance and manage the installation of a generation or storage system on a customer’s property. The energy generated by the system is then sold back to the customer at a pre-agreed price that is lower than that available through a utility provider.

The PPA may typically run for between 3 to 25 years, with the generation or storage installation monitored and maintained throughout this period as part of the agreement. At the end of this time the customer may choose to purchase the asset, to extend the agreement or to have the asset removed.

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