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UA Christmas night out goes viral!

16 December, 2019

Clair Logan was on a Christmas night out with work pals at Hanahana Teppanyaki restaurant in Newcastle when she took part in a game to flip a fresh egg from a hot plate in the middle of the table into a chef’s hat on her head.

But her action with the spatula proved a bit too powerful with the egg hitting an extractor fan bringing part of it crashing down in front of her and her workmates.

A video of the moment captured on camera by colleague Summer Sharpe has been watched several million times online.

Clair, 30, who works as an energy consultant at Utility Alliance Ltd, at Hartlepool Marina, said: “We were just having our Christmas night out with our team.

“It was a game where you have to do three hits on the hot plate with a spatula and flip the egg. You are meant to catch it in your hat.

“I have tried to do it and have gone a bit too hard and it has hit the extractor fan.”

Clair screamed as the egg shattered and the metal section suddenly clatters on to the table.

To date it has been watched over 770,000 times on Facebook.

And Clair added: “On Twitter it has been seen about 4.5 million times.

“All my pals keep tagging me in saying ‘you’re a superstar’.

“I just think it’s hilarious. It’s something to laugh at.”

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