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Grad Bay Scheme Introduced Into Utility Alliance Yorkshire Begins Its Second Week

19 August, 2019

A new scheme introduced to help support new recruits through the full training process, begins its second week today at Utility Alliance Yorkshire in Sheffield.

The Grad Bay Scheme supports new employees for a minimum of six weeks, it ensures staff are comfortable and confident when being integrated into their teams on the sales floors.

Once the six weeks is over if the employee feels they would benefit from more one to one training, they can remain with the scheme for further weeks.

Rebecca Roebuck, Team Manager at Utility Alliance Yorkshire who is heading up the scheme said: “I am so excited that the Grad Bay is finally up and running

“It offers support straight from training and will allow people to feel valued, fully supported and equipped to do their job.

“As a business, we felt we were missing something. Some of the feedback we received was tailored towards more support upon leaving training, as somethings couldn’t be covered in training as you learn on the job.

“By creating a Grad Bay it gives everyone the support they need. Once both myself and the employee feel they are ready, they will then go to their teams fully equipped to do their job and will succeed as successful Lead Generators.”

If you are interested in a job within our Sheffield operation please email your CV to