Improve Energy Efficiency


Alliance Energy is a company that makes it their goal to help you save on your energy bills. We do this by providing holistic, cost-effective solutions for reducing both electricity use and costs across the board–from offices buildings all over Britain down into individual homes or small businesses too! Our approach towards sustainability means looking after every aspect of how we operate so none are left out in our efforts at making sure everything pays off not just financially but also environmentally as well.


We have a team of experts who can help you reduce your energy costs by up to 40%. We offer four services, any or all which may be utilised. This is just one way in which we do business. There are many others like this too!

• Identify areas of energy waste
• Plan for overall or project energy reduction
• Implement & deliver efficiency projects with performance guarantees
• Verify the return on energy efficiency investments made

1. Monitoring:

The right energy monitoring solutions can help you to understand how much your facility is using, when that electricity was used and who else might be impacted by those decisions. Our team works with clients in a variety of industries from healthcare perspectives on-site power generation or retrofitting their property for more sustainability – we have what’s needed!

2. Mentoring

The Energy Mentors help businesses of all sizes, from small companies with just one employee to huge corporations like Google and Facebook. We offer our clients advice on how they can save money by cutting down their energy bills- whether it be through practical initiatives or simply asking for reports about where the company is using more power than usual!

3. Retrofits

The energy retrofitting industry has been booming in recent years, with many opportunities for professionals from all walks of life. Of course there’s a financial incentive when it comes to these projects; tenants can save money on their electric bill by replacing old lighting or installing new smart thermostats while owners get an attractive upgrade that will increase rent!

4. Power Management

When the power goes out, we want to make sure you have enough for your home. Our Power Management service provides two interlinked services that can be used individually or together: no cost Demand Reduction and grid based generation when necessary but always with an awareness of how much it costs versus what’s available from a renewable source such as solar panels.

Our Power Management services can help you conserve energy during periods of high demand by shifting or shedding power, with an option for on-site generation. This way your grid demands won’t be as high as before.

How Energy Service Projects Are Funded

Funding Energy Services offers a variety of ways to fund your project, from adding the cost onto monthly energy bills through comprehensive ESPC contracts that provide savings at little or no upfront cost.

ESPC’s work with project teams to determine the best possible outcomes for them by conducting feasibility studies on potential investments. Each one of these projects is unique, so we need thorough research into what it will take both now and in future years before making any decisions or committing funds that could potentially save people time spent worrying about money when they should instead be focusing their attention where its needed most – fixing whatever needs repairing right away!

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