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Improvingenergy efficiency

Improving your
business energy efficiency

Optimisation & generation = reduced cost of energy

Utility Alliance provides a holistic approach to saving energy and costs throughout your organisation. We always aim to reduce both the cost and the number of kWh’s you use. The Utility Alliance proposition address the three key contributors to your energy costs.

Using our Energy Services must make sense to you in terms of pounds and pence, we view “it’s not sustainable unless it’s economically sustainable”. Our approach is that all our projects must pay for themselves within an acceptable ROI period.


The amount you pay for each unit of energy your buildings consume.


How efficiently your buildings and systems consume energy for a sustainable future.


When your power is used, is power quality acceptable,and can you access enough power when you need it, and at the lowest possible cost.

The energy
EFFICIENCY services proposition

We aim to help our customers reduce their energy costs from between 10% - 40%. The depth of savings will always depend on what energy efficiency measures have already been rolled out, your building/operation type and your ROI expectations. Our energy services portfolio offers four complementary services, any or all of which can be utilised. These services have been developed to help our customers significantly reduce the kWh’s they use and to become increasingly energy-efficient:

  • Identify areas of energy waste
  • Plan for overall or project energy reduction
  • Implement & deliver efficiency projects with performance guarantees
  • Verify the return on energy efficiency investments made

1. Monitoring

How can you manage what you can’t measure? Monitoring, before any meaningful investment in energy retrofits or on-site power generation takes place it’s vital that our clients understand when energy is being used, what’s using it and how much it’s all costing. Our Monitoring suite of products covers, entire real estate portfolio, meter, whole or part of building, through to building system level monitoring.

2. Mentoring

For most businesses, an in-house energy manager would be key to unlocking big & persistent energy savings, however, this is not usually an option for all but the largest organisations. Our Energy Mentors fill this gap with advice, training, working up of Energy Reduction Plans, assisting with implementation and Compliance Reporting, all building towards a more efficient business

3. Retrofits

Energy retrofits provide attractive financial opportunities for building owners, tenants, engineers, and consultants alike. Energy retrofits from Utility Alliance focus on lighting in the building and street plus associated controls, building power, HVAC optimisation using Smart Thermostats. To support the growth in Electric Vehicles (EV), our services also include (EV) changing facilities. Typically, we expect savings between 10 to 40% from our Retrofit services. The level of savings depend on the customers investment appetite and any retrofits carried out previously.

4. Power Management

Our Power Management service provides two interlinked services that can be used individually, or in combination. No/lo cost Demand Reduction should be considered as the 1st action for energy efficiency improvements. Power provision from the grid is always needed, sometimes you need more of it, but it’s not always available, or if it is, it’s very expensive to acquire. Our Power Management services can couple Peak Demand Management that shifts or sheds power, with On-site Power Generation that can be provided (or exists) e.g. energy storage, CHP or renewables to drop your grid kilowatt demand during peak cost times.

How energy service
projects are funded?

Funding Energy Services depends on the project type, value and customer preference. Projects can be funded via a variety of methods ranging from adding the cost to your monthly energy bills, through to Energy Saving Performance Contracts (ESPC) that provide comprehensive energy savings at little or no upfront cost

ESPC’s are funded via shared savings. As each project is unique we conduct a feasibility study to determine potential costs, savings, customers preferred investment model and any financial risks of the investments.

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