Energy Audit

Energy Audit

At Utility Alliance, we understand that being aware of where your business can save money can be a huge benefit. We can carry out in-depth energy audits which provide you with a clear understanding of your businesses current energy usage. This will result in a report of key areas where, with some improvements, your business could save significant amounts of money. Carrying out an audit of your own businesses’ usage can be time-consuming, so let our experts here at Utility Alliance take the stress away, providing you with a detailed report.  

What is an energy audit?

An energy audit can involve looking at different aspects of your business, including your premises. Energy audits can uncover where as a business you may be wasting energy, using too much or could switch to a more sustainable way of working.  

Here at Utility Alliance, our energy efficiency audits will identify any areas of waste, this will include a fully comprehensive review and analysis of your premises. This will show us how energy efficient your current practices are and where you would be able to reduce your business energy consumption and therefore most importantly lower your bills. Working with energy experts such as ourselves at Utility Alliance can save your business between 10% and 40% on your annual energy costs. 

Ready to save money through our energy audits? Get in touch with our friendly team here at Utility Alliance today.  

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