It is a common misconception that only huge corporations or larger companies should invest their time in working with a company to run an audit on their energy usage. This put simply isn’t true. Energy audits can be beneficial for any business, no matter the nature or size. From SMEs to schools and even places of worship, with the pressure that all businesses may find themselves in economically this year, there has never been a better time to look into where you can save some time and most importantly, money. Wasted energy is wasted money to us here at Utility Alliance, so we’ve made it our mission to work on behalf of businesses to lower electric, gas and water bills.

More often than not, businesses will find themselves spending money on their energy bills, but not realise that they could actually reduce their usage, and in turn their bills. Whilst reducing energy costs is the main aim, you will also be moving towards your business having a lower carbon footprint and improving the sustainability of your energy choices.

What is an energy audit?

So all this talk about energy audits and how great they can be, but what even is an energy audit?

An energy audit can involve looking at many aspects of your business and its premises. Working out where you are perhaps wasting energy, using too much or could switch to a more sustainable way of working.

Here at Utility Alliance, we will identify any areas of waste, this will include a fully comprehensive review and analysis of your premises. This will show us how energy efficient your current practices are and where you would be able to reduce your energy consumption and therefore lower your bills. Working with energy experts such as ourselves at Utility Alliance could improve your business energy efficiency as a result of an audit.

Why get an energy audit

Investing in an energy audit can be an initial cost, but in the long run, can prove a great choice. Once the experts have shown you where you can improve your energy use, including where you reduce waste, you may be in good stead to work alongside the team to broker yourself a better energy tariff. There will be low cost so-called ‘quick wins’ that can easily be rectified, resulting in almost instant savings. Our auditors will also be able to identify longer-term goals which can be achieved by monitoring or launching projects. Our team will continue to monitor and mentor your business should you wish, to ensure that all possible savings are being made.

Many businesses may love to have an in-house team dedicated to energy management, but sadly are unable to direct the funds towards it. This is where working with a team of experts can stand you better in the longer term.

Seeking ways that could improve your energy efficiencies? Then get in touch with our friendly team here at Utility Alliance today. You can fill out our online enquiry form, email us at or you can call your local Utility Alliance, find the numbers here;

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