Navigating the minefield that is business energy can be a stressful feat. Opting for an energy broker takes the weight of hunting around for a good deal off your shoulders as a business owner and into the capable hands of a reputable company such as ourselves here at Utility Alliance

What is an energy broker?

Also known in the industry as consultants or utility brokers, commercial energy brokers are negotiators between a company seeking a better deal on their energy usage and costs, and the supplier. An energy broker will do the groundwork for you, securing a number of deals for you and your company to choose from, based on your needs and requirements. 

Energy brokers themselves aren’t the party who supply your business energy and utilities. Instead they work with a panel of companies who will supply a business’s commercial energy. The essential role of a commercial energy broker is to match the right customer with the right supplier and in turn to organise or negotiate an agreement that works for all parties involved.

The right energy broker will be with you every step of the way, assisting you with any issues you may have. This is why it is so important to make sure that you choose to work with a reputable company who are going to be on hand with advice for any situation that you and your company may find yourselves in.  

Why choose an energy broker?

Ask yourself what you are looking for from a commercial energy broker. Do you want your energy to be supplied from a large firm, one of the big six, or are you happy to go with a smaller company? Each energy brokerage and its consultants will have relationships with differing firms, so make sure you have an idea before you confirm working with a certain broker.


The main reason why many companies opt to work alongside an energy broker to find deals for their energy is saving time. As an owner of a business of any size, your time is money. 

Having another party search for and contact the suppliers for you can be a huge weight off your shoulders, leaving you precious time to invest into your already successful business.   


Another obvious advantage to working with an energy broker is the deals and discounts that they have access to and can negotiate on your behalf. Energy brokers are great at negotiating deals which as a business owner you may have less access to if you approached a utilities company alone. Features such as flexible contracts and low carbon options or the choice of opting for renewable energy plans can be accessed increasingly easier with an energy broker in your corner.    


Energy brokers are specialists in utilities and energy management. Day in, day out they are busy negotiating with energy suppliers and building relationships to ensure they get the best deals for their clients. Knowing all the terms and services that your company may require, depending on your industry, may be a bit tricky, but this is where a broker would step in. Working alongside an energy broker would ensure that they are able to properly convey your needs and requirements to suppliers, leaving no room for error or confusion around services.

Other Services

Some commercial energy brokers also offer other services which may suit your company and its needs. For example, here at Utility Alliance we also offer energy management and monitoring services, energy storage and many other services to suit your businesses needs. Once you have found a broker that you trust and build a partnership with, it may be a good option to work alongside them with the other utility and energy areas of your business. Energy brokers can not only find you great deals to save your business money on energy but can work with you to establish where you are wasting energy and could, in turn, help your company become more efficient with its energy usage.  

For more information on how working with an energy broker can help your business secure competitive deals for commercial energy, get in touch with our team here at Utility Alliance today, or you can give us a call on 01429 727100. 


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