Considering an Electric Vehicle? What are the benefits of switching to EV?

The UK is set a goal to phase out fossil fuels by 2040. It’s estimated that 25% of people will consider buying an electric vehicle the next time they go looking for new wheels!

The benefits of an electric vehicle:

1. Cheaper to run

The cost of running an electric vehicle is much lower than that for traditional fuels. For example, it could be cheaper by a third or less!
In addition to being more environmentally friendly and sustainable (in terms on how we produce our energy), electricity also has many perks beyond solely its price tag; such as convenience- stores sell rechargeable batteries right there at your fingertips  and you don’t need gas stations nearby when all the time they’re just putting out dirty fumes into air quality issues already existing around us). And finally if someone wants their car lighter but still fast enough then going EV makes sense because of weight.

2. Cheaper to maintain

Pure electric cars are a simpler and more affordable option than those with an internal combustion engine. With three main components, on-board charger inverter motor you can enjoy paying less for car maintenance as well!

3. Better for the environment 

The latest research suggests that, if we continue with business as usual and do not take action NOW to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 then scientists say this could lead towards “catastrophic” climate change. One way YOU can help protect the environment is switching your vehicle over from gas-powered cars/ trucks – which emit harmful toxins into our air –to electric ones!

4. Easy charging 

The future of commuting is now in your hands. The EV chargers at work are just about ready for prime time, and with good reason- by 2030 they’ll be necessary to keep up!  A £500 government grant makes it easy as pie – so get fitted today before someone else does.

UA and EO Charging

Utility Alliance is taking its first steps into the EV charging sector after forming a partnership with EO Charging. The deal will see them manufacture their technology from Stowmarket, while designing and installing stations for clients across Europe!

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