Lights out for halogen bulbs as new EU regulations come into force

The ban on halogen bulbs is set to come into force this weekend as part of a Europe-wide move towards more environmentally-friendly LED lighting. LEDs consume one-fifth the energy than normal incandescent ones do, so by preventing their sale in UK stores we can save 15 million tonnes annually of carbon emissions!

As you can imagine, there was a bit of sticker shock when I first put up my new LED lights. The cost difference between the old and new is significant – an average halogen bulb uses £11 per year in electricity while LEDs only cost about two pounds! But what’s even better? After analyzing data from several sources (like this one), it turns out that these savings will quickly outweigh any initial investment because not only do they last much longer than regular implementations but also use significantly less power overall; according to Energy Saving Trust estimates replacing all your bulbs could cut down on.

With the help of our Retrofits, you can significantly reduce your energy cost. In addition to this, we offer upgrades for free and grants that will be applied on top!

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