Large UK businesses to produce energy reports under new government framework

The UK has announced major changes to its energy and carbon reporting system. Businesses will need to report on all of this information starting in April 2020, which is hoped will enable them to improve efficiency while reducing bills or emissions depending upon what they do best!

The new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SERC) framework will replace the old CRC Efficiency Scheme. These changes are set to apply to all companies that have at least 250 staff, £36 million in annual turnover, or a balance sheet over 18 billion pounds sterling ($30-$40M).

For those that don’t have the budget for an in-house energy expert, we offer a range of services to help unlock big and persistent savings. As part of this service, our experts will guide you through any reports which need completion – all while providing professional support at every step!

When you put these two services together, not only will your energy costs be reduced but also the number of harmful emissions from fossil fuels.

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