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Utility Alliance venture into the world of EV with new partnership with Rolec

19 March, 2018

UTILITY Alliance has made its first move into the Electric Vehicle charging sector after going into partnership with Rolec.

Funded Site Services has been set up to support and finance the installation of electrical services on caravan parks and marinas, as well as funding or leasing the national roll out of EV charging points at locations including offices, factories, hotels and car parks.

The partnership enables companies to obtain zero interest funding, fully financed via their kWh energy tariff, and will allow them to undertake up to 100% of their electrical development projects.

It works in four easy steps:
– Simply complete the online enquiry form for a no obligation quotation.
– Rolec will contact you to provide a competitive quotation to supply or supply/install the equipment for your electrical development, while Utility Alliance will contact you to discuss your electricity usage so they can advise you on the best terms and tariffs available.
– Together they will build this quotation into your new kWh energy tariff – enabling you to pass on and spread the cost of the development within the kWh consumption of your business.
– Once the new kWh tariff and time period have been accepted they will supply the electrical equipment, or supply and install the equipment to your requirement.

Utility Alliance Chief Executive Darren Sutherland said: “Over the next couple of years, the electric vehicle sector is going to be a big player in the energy sector and it is very important that Utility Alliance plays a part in in.

“We have spent a lot of time looking at the options open to us, and we are delighted to be able to link up with Rolec in this joint venture. They are a fantastic organisation with a great team working for them, and now we have teamed up we are looking forward to a good relationship with them.”

To enquire more about our EV charging points please visit