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Utility Alliance staff help raise £35k to allow little Dottie to walk

5 September, 2017

TWENTY brave staff from Utility Alliance will be throwing themselves from a 200ft bungee, all to help a little girl from Hartlepool walk for the first time.

Dottie O’Keefe, 3, has cerebral palsy and has never been able to walk unaided. Dottie was born 15 weeks prematurely weighing just 1lb 9oz and developed the condition after suffering a severe bleed on the brain.

The painful condition has resulted in the muscles in Dottie’s legs becoming to tight to walk or even stand on her own. An operation which could help Dottie walk for the first time is unfortunately unavailable on the NHS, with the cost of the operation coming to £35,000.

Local charity Miles For Men has thrown themselves behind the fundraising for Dottie and has organised a mass bungee jump to try raise the much needed cash. Having worked closely with the charity previously Steve Picton, who runs the charity with a group of others from the town, got in touch to see how Utility Alliance could help Dottie.

Staff from Utility Alliance were keen to get involved with the bungee jump, which will be taking place September 30 on Hartlepool Marina, just outside our own building. Each jumper has the target of £100 sponsor money but many involved have already beat that target, promising to raise a substantial about of money for Dottie’s operation fund.

If you would like to donate towards the fund you can do so at this page set up by Helen Noon, Dottie’s Mum: