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National Partnership Channel welcomes the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce

5 February, 2018

AS THE PARTNER CHANNEL at Utility Alliance continues to grow, we are always proud of the strong relationships we build with businesses up and down the country.

The latest partnership with the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce is one we are very excited about. The Chamber is the leading business organisation in the East Midlands. With a growing membership of more than 4,000 businesses and 3,000 affiliates, it is the second largest chamber of commerce in the country.

Not only have we become partners with the Chamber, here at Utility Alliance we wanted to take our relationship further and are now registered patrons. Chamber patrons include organisations which want to take an influential and prominent role in the local business community and share the values that drive the Chamber forward.

Chamber Chief Executive Scott Knowles said: “I am delighted to welcome Utility Alliance into patronage. Chamber patrons are a powerful force in influencing policy, driving economic growth and development and equipping smaller businesses with the knowledge and skills that are vital to their future.

“Utility Alliance will bring to the Chamber skills and expertise to complement those of the other patrons to evolve something which is, together, greater than the sum of its parts.”

David Bourne, National Partnership Manager, at Utility Alliance said: “Having recently joined Utility Alliance after years of working with the chamber for different companies, I am delighted that UA have taken the opportunity to add benefits to the services the chamber offers to its members.”