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DCP 228 – What your business needs to know about changes coming this April

21 February, 2018

OFGEM are introducing a new regulatory change from April 2018. DCP 228 will alter the way in which electricity distribution charges are calculated.

The aim of DCP 228 is to revise how DUoS (Distribution Use of System) charges are calculated, so they accurately reflect the costs incurred by network operators during peak and non-peak periods. The roll out of DCP 228 will see the price charged during the red zone lowered, but an increase will come into force during the amber and green periods.

All businesses will be effected by DCP 228 and as distribution charges currently account for up to 19% of your bill, it could be worth revising the times your business uses energy.

Most businesses in the UK currently operate and use the most energy during the green and amber time zones, meaning there will be an increase in cost from April. To be able to manage this increase it is vital that businesses are aware of how much and when energy is being used.

Darren Sutherland, CEO, said: “DCP 228 will be rolled out from April this year along with DCP 161 and both of these have the potential to cost businesses a lot of money, so it’s important that they’re understood and action is taken to prevent any avoidable costs.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure and Utility Alliance’s Energy Services offer Energy Monitoring Plans to customers and give them greater control over power and cost consumption.”

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