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How your business could benefit from Energy Storage as a Service from Utility Alliance

7 December, 2017

AS ENERGY prices keep rising, growing electricity bills and lack of capacity could be holding your business back.

The Energy’s Storage as a Service (ESaaS) from Utility Alliance guarantees to reduce the most expensive hours of electric demand for building owners, lowering electricity bills and at no-cost.

By charging batteries when energy prices are lower & discharging when they are at their peak, known as a “peak shift”, savings generated by the batteries will become immediately visible. These will become even more apparent in the winter months when targeted Triad charges can be avoided.

Utility Alliance’s fit and forget approach means all design, installation, ongoing operation and financing/savings payments of the ESaaS solution are handled by them.

The main areas’ of cost savings result from reduction of kWh during the Red Board (DUos) and timed (TNUos) periods. Savings per 50kWh Storage Module are typically £2,500 to £3,000 per year, dependant on DNO area.

You can also open up new income streams through grid and government incentive programs and your participation.

Darren Sutherland, CEO of Utility Alliance, said: “Energy Storage as a Service provides a compelling service, but this model is also key to unlocking other benefits beyond storage.

“When paired with Internet of Things technology your electrical infrastructure will be complimented by ESaaS– such as LEDs, solar and electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations.

“This not only optimizes how your energy is used but can spur new Smart Grid projects that can drive new revenue and cost savings opportunities.”

Utility Alliance’s Energy Services team have vast experience in renewables and smart energy solutions, and are on hand to assist you with every aspect of your project.

If you’re interested in using this approach to reduce your energy costs, give our Energy Service team a call on 01429 727 100.